dog health information

dog health information

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Diabetic Q: My siamese cat is 17 years old and recently has developed thyroid and diabetic problems. will she live to fully recover and be herself again? i am already broke from the vet bills....
A: Two tough diseases but managable. some cats can be managed for years but each case is different. best treatment for thyroid is radioactive iodine which cures it in one shot but is most expensive and sounds like you are money conscious at this point. diabetes usually managed with long term insulin injections

How to kill flea''s and tick''s Q: Can i use program and kr advantix together? i find that they start getting flea''s and tick''s a few weeks before i am to give them another treatment.
A: No problem using both
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Nursing cat has worms Q: We took in a pregnant stray cat several weeks ago. the kittens are 3 weeks old as of yesterday. the cat has worms. they are a flat white worm. i''m wondering when it would be safe to treat the mother cat for these worms and will it also mean that the kittens have worms? what treatment do you recommend and when? also, what is an appropriate age to give the kittens away? thank you.
A: You can safely worm kittens with nemex for most common worms and give one dose now and then in 3 weeks. safe to give away after 6 weeks of age if eating well on own. also sounds like mother has tapeworms so can worm her with droncit. tapes are not as readily transmissable to kittens so i would just observe them to see if see any flat segments in their stools or near their anal openings
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Dry eye Q: After eye lid surgery my dog was diagnosed with dry eye. could the surgery cause this problem? i am treating with a 2% cyclosporin and mineral oil two times daily with antibiotic oint at bedtime. moisture drops in between. anything newer than this treatment?
A: Sounds like you have correct treatment. likely not related to eyelid surgery unless your vet removed the third eyelid of dog, in which case i would go to different vet in future as this surgery is contraindicated in treatment of cherry eye, etc

Treatment for puppy Q: I have a black lab puppy (9.5 weeks old) and live in north carolina. there are lots of ticks, fleas and mosquitoes in my area. what should i use to treat my new puppy? thanks for your help.
A: For the added mosquito coverage you would use the k9 advantix.
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