Southwestern Medical Dictionary - 217 Pages

Southwestern Medical Dictionary - 217 Pages


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Although it''s specifically designed for the dialects of the Southwestern United States, the Medical Spanish presented here will probably be understood by most of the Hispanic world. This dictionary contains over 1300 Spanish terms. The authors take an interesting approach in this work with respect to the amount of scientific , medical terminology they chose not to include. They reason since a very high percentage of the patients with whom you''ll communicate will not understand the technical, medical terms, it makes little sense to spend too much time in learning to use them. This is logical. Except to speak in Spanish with other doctors and health professionals, time is better spent learning the Spanish words that the Spanish speaking patient will understand and appreciate.

Style and Layout - The verbs are identified with the letter v and are presented in their infinitive form. Nouns are labeled as m for masculine and f for feminine. Most of the book is devoted to the Spanish to English words. Each word in the Spanish to English part in addition to the definition has an example sentence where the word in used to illustrate its meaning and usage. The example sentence is listed in both Spanish and English.

In the section of the book for English to Spanish the words are given with their definitions but no example sentences are given. Some of the words are designated as folk terms, and colloquial Spanish terms.

Supplementary Information Section - There is a section in back called supplementary information that gives you the following: Food items including beverages, family and kinship terms for understanding family relations. A list of other useful resources for learning medical Spanish.