How to Get Rid of a Pimple Fast with Skin Talk

How to Get Rid of a Pimple Fast with Skin Talk

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When you look in the mirror one morning and see a red swell or whitish pus screaming and trying to pop out your skin, what do you do first? For some it’s like a breaking news that needs thorough examination while for others it’s as regular as an editorial with nothing to be panicked about. But can we expect an oblivious reaction when all you can feel is an irritating and swelling bump on your face? I bet almost everyone wishes there is a miracle cream that gets rid of a pimple and the blemish of course as fast as one minute. Unfortunately, science has not come to that yet and we cannot get rid of it that quick but we can do and use a lot of treatments and natural regimens to get rid of it faster than it is normally there. And how can we get rid of pimples fast?

First, listen to your skin and know your enemy- your pimple. Is this simply a blackhead, whitehead, papules (red bumps with no pus), pustules (infected red bumps with pus), or as worst as nodules and cysts? Severe type of pimples should never, ever be touched or popped! Whiteheads, blackheads and pustules can be but be aware of the consequences. So the basic key on how to get rid of pimple fast is by listening to your skin and know the type of acne you are having.

In my case, popping my pimple helps it to heal faster than leaving it behind. Since I usually love to experiment, one time I’ve tried to leave my whitehead, making myself believe it doesn’t exist and never touched it until it popped by itself. So the total days it takes for it to pop was three, plus the healing part of another two days at least and then the scar- well it remained for a month as I remembered it right (without intervention) and two weeks with proper exfoliation topical treatment used. Then another trial was popping it the moment it was there. Of course I do all the routines of proper popping: sterile and making sure the hard pus-sebum was taken out. By the way, when the hard pus-sebum is not taken all out then your pimple may just simply pop again as white blood cells are coming in again and again and the cycle repeats itself. So when you give it a shot, give all your best! So I reduced the time it stays there un-popped, exactly from three days to one day and I saved two. But as a disclaimer, do this when you know it can be popped and of course in a sterile way.

When it’s a papule, cyst or nodule then please do not mess with it. Rather, apply salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, whichever is your choice. I prefer salicylic acid since it unclogs pores by exfoliating the skin and reduces inflammation, and that’s what I need during the onset of my pimple. Then you can use a facial wash that has benzoyl peroxide or sulphur ingredients to help eradicate P. acnes or the bacterium causing acne. The logic is: dig it good and fight it well. I do not recommend Accutane as this drug, though proven to be very affective, has long term side effects. By the way these are topical treatments that get rid of pimples fast: it’s common, over the counter and can be bought anytime and anywhere.

We can also resort to using natural topical and systemic treatment to get rid of pimple fast if you’re too worried about applying too much compounds on your skin. Research has found out about Green tea as our best option. Lotions and creams with 3% extract of green tea are as effective as those with 4% benzoyl peroxide. You can drink a teabag to help you lose some of those excess pounds while balancing your hormonal activities to actually prevent another one to appear. Or just simply stick it to your face as a topical treatment. It is anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling and fights bacteria causing acne.

After which you need to deal with your blemish, whether you like it or not it’s there and eliminating it will take you days or months (unless you conceal it with make-up). I usually use retinoid to increase fast replacement of my upper skin and eventually obliterate those ugly blemishes. I’ve tried to get rid of those high concentrated retinoid and prefer the gentler type.

So how do we get rid of pimples fast? Your skin talks to you, listen and choose the proper method that works right for you. This one’s effective for me and I’m enjoying days with lesser pimples and blemishes. No need to cover it up, natural and that’s something positive.