lyme disease dog

lyme disease dog

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Ear smell or infection Q: My dog has a bad odor coming from one ear.when you rub it you hear a gurgling sound.there is occasional discharge and weve been getting chunks of wax from it.can you diagnos this and recommend a treatment
A: It sounds like an infection and you should see your vet who can diagnose and treat it with appropriate medication.

How to kill flea''s and tick''s Q: Can i use program and kr advantix together? i find that they start getting flea''s and tick''s a few weeks before i am to give them another treatment.
A: No problem using both
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Treatment/prognosis Q: Hello. our dog was recently diagnosed with a very strong positive for heartworms. i am just wanting a second opinion on treatment, dosage, duration of treatment, and prognosis. our dog is a 80 pound golden retriever. also, why is it that vets are now charging so much that it makes it virtually impossible to take a pet in without spending over $300.00 each time. i think people would be better able to care for their pets if the costs were not so outrageous.
A: I agree with you but certainly medical costs are high and insurance is a bit iffy with pets although it is available and is an option for you in future. treatment is straigtforward with drug called immiticide given as single intramuscular injections 24 hours apart. you then follow up in a few weeks with a different medicine to kill the baby heartworms

Drastic change in behavior Q: My cat had been missing for 2 months. i found a cat which i thought was my cat. he always acted different than my cat. his meow was completely different than any cat that i have heard. then i found out that this cat was declawed, when my cat was not. i let the cat out in the backyard and when i turned to leave the cat bit me. i went to the doctors, and we havent had rabies here for over 10 years. but i was reading on a website about behavior changes and i was wondering if you could tell me what this is and do i need to worry about it. and what should i do for the cat if he comes back. "if your animal becomes aggressive he may have contracted the rage. you may also detect this problem if his mewing is low and rough." thank you, katie potter
A: I would see your physician and perhaps consider the rabies treatments that he or she woudl recommend since we dont know about your stray cat. the likelihood of rabies is very small but you just want to be sure

Feline - multiple problems Q: I have a 12 yr. old, full bred, chocolate point, siamese cat. she has several medical problems, including: runny eyes, stuffed up nose, painful sneezing with a light pink mucus discharge, open mouth breathing, and coughing spasms that sometimes border on what look like she''s going into convulsions. i''ve taken her to 4 vets thus far and no one seems to be able to decide on a diagnosis or the appopriate treatment. i feel so bad for her that she''s in this condition, and i don''t know what to do to help her. i have used clavamox in the past, which has cleared up the problems temporarily, but they always return. this has been going on for 2+ years. one vet said she had a nasal infection, another told me it was a herpes virus, another said she could have a brain tumor, and another said it was allergies and asthma. i''m so confused! her symptoms have been consistent throughout the entire time. if one clears up they all seem to. if one comes back, they all return. can you please get back to me and decipher all of this conflictual information - and give me a diagnosis and treatment approach. i would appreciate it... and so would my cat. i am willing to do whatever is necessary to help her overcome this problem. thank you. (by the way, you should also know that we have another cat in the house, a seal point siamese, who has never contracted any of this despite the fact that he shares the same bedding, food bowls, and litter box with her. )
A: If you wish to pursue further diagnostics i would see a vet specialist or internist to sort through this. likely allergic/asthmatic based given breed and signs you say, etc, but need to see directly. also i would consider holistic vet consult in a pet this age as cortisone treatments likely only thing you will get out of conventional workups unless brain tumor found, etc

Looks like tapeworms Q: If my pet has been vaccinated for worms what causes tapeworms? and what over the counter remedy can i use?
A: Tapeworms normally come from flea bites. if it''s a dog, use panacur c in two treatments, two to three weeks apart.
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