Looking For a Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections?

Looking For a Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections?

As a woman, it is most likely you have experienced that burning, itchy feeling that will not go away. Many think yeast infections are something only women have to deal with, however, there is a lot about these infections that many people do not know and much of it is how to cure them. As with many types of infections, the more natural the cure, the better it will work; the same applies to yeast infections.

It is not only women who have to suffer from these infections. Men can also contract the infection, typically from sexual activity. It is a common misconception that all yeast infections must be vaginal, however, the infection can appear under the breast area, in skin folds or even on the mouth. No matter where the infection is, the more natural the remedy, the better the chance to cure the infection. In fact, many people are against store bought medications because they can be very messy and many do not work at all.

Water is the most natural remedy for a yeast infection. By simply drinking the recommended eight glasses of water, you give your body the opportunity to flush itself out and get rid of the sugars. The natural sugar in your body can actually feed the yeast and make the infection worse.

Plain yogurt is one of the best natural remedies for a yeast infection. Yogurt can replace the good bacteria that has been lost; a common reason why yeast infections begin. You must make sure that the yogurt you are using is plain and unsweetened because again, the sugar will feed the yeast and allow the infection to grow. Even if you have a yeast infection around your mouth, you will want to stay away from sugars; just because it is in a different place does not mean it has different characteristics.

Garlic can give instant relief for a yeast infection and can be taken in different ways. Some women will insert garlic cloves into the infected area, but if you are going to do this, make sure the garlic is clean and natural, as you could end up with another infection. Garlic can also be pressed and drank with water as a natural internal remedy. Garlic is one of yeast''s biggest enemies so many people find it to be very beneficial.

There are also natural mixtures that can help cure yeast infections. Apple cider vinegar can be used; however, it is not recommended that you put it directly on your skin because it will burn. Just adding a cup into a warm bath can help soothe the yeast infection and be very relaxing. It is important that you use apple cider vinegar with the mother because this type is less processed. As with all remedies, be careful what you use; other types of vinegar such as white, will feed the infection.

Make sure any natural remedy you use actually helps you and will not worsen the infection. You can find much more information about naturally treating yeast infections online, a quick search and you may never need to treat a yeast infection again.

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