Lesson : How To Give A Blow job

Lesson : How To Give A Blow job

Thank you for purchasing "How to Give an Amazing Blowjob". If you follow these directions, I guarantee your man will be willing to do anything for you - in hopes of another dynamite blowjob.
First thing is first....If you’re not familiar with the term blowjob, then this probably wasn''t your smartest investment, but you should pay close attention any ways. For everybody else I am going to assume you understand that we are talking about the penis entering the mouth. Not everything here will appeal to you or your lover. But everyone’s sexuality changes and evolves with time.

If you have a small mouth there might be some stretching involved depending on how big his penis is. Practicing with a penis-like object may not be a bad idea, because after a long blowjob, you may find yourself very soar. Just as with any other part of your body, exercise and stretching will increase your performance and show your limitations.

Let’s start off with the basics…

Get in the most comfortable position possible. That means you and him. Also make sure there are no zippers or sharp objects in the way. Any interruptions take the passion away from the moment.
So he’s laying there with his cock hanging out... What do you do?

Whether it’s hard or not, that thing needs to get in your warm wet mouth. Start by licking your lips while you look him in the eyes. Showing your self-confidence is a huge factor in his enjoyment, after all emotions play a huge role in any sexual activity. We will discuss how your confidence is important at the end of the lesson. Ok, so start putting the penis in your mouth and remember to keep your teeth covered with your lips AT ALL TIMES. While you’re bobbing up and down, try using circular motions. Imagine the penis is a Popsicle and you want to taste the entire thing. Your head movement should look similar to a pigeon walking… up and down in a rhythmic pattern, while using circular motions.

Here are the most basic techniques:

Mouth Only: Simply move up and down his penis, make it as slobbery as possible

Mouth and Tongue: While using your mouth, use your tongue by moving it all around his penis, try putting some pressure on the end of his penis with your tongue.

Mouth, Tongue and Hand: Self explanatory. While sucking his tip with mouth and tongue, give him a handjob at the same time.

Ok, so you’re working away and your mouth and neck are getting a little tired and soar. How can you give yourself a rest without letting him know your discomfort?

Here’s how:

Start by licking the base of his penis above his balls and work your way up his shaft. Pay special attention to the frenulum. This is the little section on a man’s penis which can be closely compared to the clitoris of a woman. It is full of nerve endings and it is the leading cause to a man’s orgasm. It is that fun little dip on the bottom of the head.

Here’s what the frenulum looks like.

Lick it, Suck it and Rub it! He will be very appreciative.

Foreplay: Instead of just ripping off his pants and going for his knob, why don’t you tease him a little bit and ensure that his cock is going to be rock hard when the time comes. Try talking dirty to him, which will allow him to relax and get in the mood. Explore his whole body. Start slowly. Touch, lick, and kiss your partner, not just the areas that turn him on but the ones that turn you on as well: his neck, his earlobes, his chest, his nipples, his round buttocks, feet and sensitive toes, thighs. Be vocal about the areas you adore, either by moaning with pleasure or simply telling him how hot you find his hard biceps. Try making out for a little bit, then venture away to his ears and neck with your kisses. Now start making your way down to his nipples, leaving a slug trail as you go. Work past the abdomen and when you get to his penis, don’t go for it right away. Tease it a little, lick all around it and start with his balls. At this point he will be begging for you to start! Use your whole body, not just your mouth. Grind his thigh with your crotch and let him know your getting turned on. Don’t be afraid to try new things. But always pay close attention to the response of your lover. If you try something new and he squirms and moans with pleasure, keep at it. If not, move on to something else. Whatever you do, remember to maintain eye contact and a smile.

Testicles: Don’t forget to pay attention to his plums. These little guys are a great source of pleasure. I love having my balls licked and sucked, it makes me feel very masculine and it feels really good! There are several ways to please the testicles: Try cupping them in your hand and then massaging them with your fingertips. Or try sucking them. Place one testicle in your mouth gently. Remember to cover your teeth with your lips, and gently massage the nut with your tongue. If you feel that you can squeeze both testicles in your mouth, go for it - and leave me your phone number!

I understand that most men are pretty hairy when it comes to the testicles. And I can bet that any woman willing to service the balls should expect they are clean, and shaven. These little guys are as soft as satin when they are correctly groomed.

Also available from PornStarTips.com is the Guide to Male Grooming.

Just be sure to take precautions anytime you’re working around the testicles. Never hit or squeeze them unless you are given permission…

The only exception is catching him with your sister!

The Taint: For those of you who don’t know what this is… It is the section of skin that connects the rectum and the testicles. Most people never venture that far, but if you’re curious, it can really arouse a man. In any case, you must be comfortable doing it. With either your fingertips or your tongue, gently massage the taint while performing oral sex or a hand job. Remember to maintain eye contact and a smile!

The Rectum: I hope that you do not need a diagram for this one! If you’ve gone ahead with stimulating the taint, why not go the extra mile and play with his butthole? Ok that doesn’t sound very appealing, but believe it or not, the rectum can send your man into an escalated orgasm he will never forget! Anal stimulation can be achieved several ways:

With a wet finger tip, gently massage around the anus. You can do this while you are sucking him off or how about while you are giving him a hand job and licking his balls at the same time! You can multitask cant you? If he allows you to insert your finger make sure that it is well lubed and that you go slow at first. With your palm facing up, move your finger in a motion as if you were telling someone to “come over here.”

This technique stimulates the prostate gland.

You have just hit the male G-Spot! This organ in a man’s rectum can lead to very powerful and increased orgasms. Just be aware that the cum flood is coming! And if one finger isn’t enough for him, lube up the second finger and go nuts!

But anal play doesn’t end here if you don’t want it to… We haven’t mentioned anything about the tongue! Alright again I stress that if you are not comfortable doing this, don’t. The only reason I ever got my salad tossed is because me and my sex partner were both getting paid! Lots of people are into this though, so here’s how it is done. First of all, you want to make sure your partner is clean! And take note there won’t be any feces around or in the anus unless your partner has to go to the bathroom. Start by licking around the edges. This is enough for some guys, but if you want to take it one step farther, I’m sure you know what to do. But unless you have a monster tongue, you’re not going to make a big difference inside, so just stick to the outside!

Now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve, make sure that you mix them up a little bit. You don’t want to use the same routine over and over, it will just make things boring, and it will take longer for your man to climax and his orgasms won’t be as good. So keep him guessing what you’re going to throw at him next. One day be slow and sensual, and the next day go crazy on his cock and finger his ass till he screams your name!

So you’ve been sucking him off and you think that he’s going to ejaculate. How can you tell? Well the signs are quite simple. His body will begin to tense up, his penis with begin to twitch, his scrotum should tighten up and his balls should swell. And if you’re doing what I told you he will be definitely be moaning. Some guys also tell you before :P

There are many different things that you can do when the time cums. Here are some different ways:

The Big Swallow: My favourite! If you’re concerned about the taste, I’ve got a little secret for you. Did you ever wonder why mom put the medicine spoon to the back of your mouth? Well this is the same principle. If you put his dick to the back of your throat, he will end up shooting his load right down your throat, and you won’t even taste it. Now if you have trouble deepthroating it because your gag reflex, here’s another little trick. *Orange juice and chloraseptic throat spray can help to suppress your gag reflex*. I’m not telling you to stop and have a glass in the middle of a blowjob, do that before. And if you feel like you are going to gag, just swallow… His cock is not going to go down your throat. Also alcohol tightens up your throat muscles, so if you’re trying to deep throat, don’t drink very much alcohol… Or on the other hand drink so much you don’t know what’s going on!?! Just remember to make eye contact with him, so he knows that you are in control and that you are not grossed out.

The Spitter: Spitting out a mans cum can be insulting and make him feel gross. For those of you who can’t even stand the idea of swallowing a mans cum, this method will turn him on so much he wont even notice you spat it out. So you’re sucking on the head of his penis and he is cumming into your mouth. Let the cum drip out of your mouth and run down your chin and get all over your lips. Try to smile and maintain eye contact while all this is happening so he doesn’t think that you are grossed out. He will be so amazed at the mess he just made on your face he wont even notice you didn’t swallow a drop.

Body Shots: Sometimes you just can’t bring your self to have his cum any where near your face. And that’s ok. It can still be fun for him and you. Hold you’re Tits together while he shoots for your nipples! And when he’s done massage the mess into your skin while you smile and look him in the eyes! This can be just as satisfying for a man. Again, it’s important to look him in the eyes and look happy, even if your not!

Semen is actually made up of ninety percent seminal fluids including sugar and proteins. Sperm accounts for only about one percent of its total volume and the rest is made up of trace minerals and nutrients. The amount of calories contained in semen is negligible - only about 12 to 15 calories per ejaculation. This is roughly the same amount of calories found in one egg white. Since semen is excreted by the body, its taste and smell is largely affected by what he eats and drinks. To change its flavour you’ll need to think more about what he puts into his body and change his diet accordingly. Nothing in semen will harm you. Just be aware that your partner is clean, because there is a slight risk of obtaining an STD through oral sex.

Awesome! You now know how to give a mind-boggling blowjob!

But WAIT, That’s only half the battle. What makes a good blowjob into an incredible blowjob, is your attitude. You want it to be really obvious that you love sucking his cock. If you can enjoy giving a blowjob, you can be sure you’re good at it. If you think your not good at giving head, your probably not. You need to get over yourself and leave your self consciousness out of the bedroom. The bedroom is a place where you need to let go, and be wild. Show him that you’re fun and spontaneous. Show him how much you want him. Your desire will show in your eyes. EYE CONTACT IS KEY! Nothing is hotter than looking him in the eyes while trying to force out a smile (not a laugh) with his cock in your mouth.

Here is a great example regarding attitude that I found from an excellent teacher,

Vix the Over-Educated Nympho.

Imagine your man lying on the bed. You pull his pants down as though you are trying to just get down to business. You open your mouth and take him in going up and down with no variation, no passion and secretly, you just can''t wait for this to be done. You demand that he tell you when he is about to cum so you can jerk your mouth away to prevent from taking any of that nasty semen in your mouth. Then when he does orgasm, you let it go all over him and then leave him there because you have things to do.

Imagine your man lying on the bed. You come in slowly from his ankles smiling at him while keeping eye contact. You teasingly strip the clothes off his entire body looking him over as though you can hardly contain yourself, while licking and rubbing him everywhere you touch him. You slide your body against his, then downward now so your genitals are positioned over his knee while you toy with his inner thigh and pubic area. You run your fingers through his pubic hair and over his balls slowly and you lick the tip of his penis softly while gazing into his eyes showing your desire. Licking his balls lightly and then sucking softly on them you move your hand up and down his now slickened cock and use the other hand to squeeze the base while you grind your genitals against his leg.

Then after a variety of tantalizing techniques you eagerly await his orgasm with an open mouth waiting for him to either shoot inside your mouth or if you do not care for the taste take it deep in the back of your throat so you fuck him with your mouth and let his cum slide down the back of your throat with no aftertaste or let it cum into your hands, or even better... let it moisten your lips, face and chest.

Big Difference!!

Part of “giving good head“, is “giving good face”

Now just combine your new blowjob techniques with your “I want to suck the life out of you” attitude… And I GUARANTEE he will be eating out the palm of your hands!

Here are some general tips to remember whenever you’re giving a blowjob.

1) Show enthusiasm - The best head involves someone who is totally into it, aroused, even a little worshipful.

2) Set the Scene - Let your man relax, and enjoy himself. Allow him to concentrate on what you’re doing to him. Turn off the T.V. unless it’s a really good porno.

3) Use Your Whole Body - Don’t just stick to your mouth. Remember you’ve got two hands and body for grinding!

4) Be Creative - There is no routine way to give a blowjob. Try turning around and letting him look and smell you’re naked behind. Just don’t loose focus if he starts to play too.

5) Be in Control - Pretend you’re the conductor of an orchestra. When everybody thinks the song is going to climax and end, tone it down and wait for it to build up again. This will make for a longer and more intense orgasm.

6) Don’t forget the Twins - Pay attention to his balls. Whether you fondle, lick or suck them is up to you. Just don’t let them be neglected.

7) If he doesn’t answer the front door, try the back! - If you’re both into it, try stimulating the anus while you’re servicing his tools.

8) No Teeth - Make sure your lips are covering your teeth at ALL TIMES! Unless he specifically asks you to “rake it.” In this case be very gentle.

9) Don’t rush it - Unless you’re in an elevator and you’ve only got 5 more floors to go, don’t rush him. Why not relax yourself and enjoy it. Use the methods we discussed so your mouth and jaw don’t get soar.

10) Finish the Job - Don’t you hate watching a good movie with a crappy ending? Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure he knows what your willing to do when he cums. If he’s expecting you to swallow and you don’t, there might not be any cum at all. It’s good to decide on something before you start, this way he will have something to look forward to.

End of Lesson

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